Spy Sequel in Progress

Happy New Year, readers!

My goal was to be nearly finished with Spy in the Counselor’s Office by now, but between my full-time job, kids, and grad-school classes, it just didn’t happen. I hope to finish it by this summer, and post an excerpt of the draft soon. I’m writing this sequel in a different style from Spy in the Teachers’ Lounge. I’m creating multiple first-person viewpoints of the same events. In addition to Rosie Fernandez, this novel will also be narrated by a combination of major and minor characters from the first book: Dominique, Sabrina, Ms. Hahn, Leo and Javier. Writing in multiple voices simultaneously is a new challenge, but I’m enjoying it (when I can find time to write).

For those of you who have shown interest in reading the sequel, thank you for your patience. I wish you a 2017 full of peace and joy.


5-Star Review & First Bulk Orders

Spy in the Teachers’ Lounge has earned a 5-star review at Amazon! You can read it here: AmazonReview

Let me remind readers that if you’ve read the book, please share your reviews at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Good Reads. Thanks!

In other news: at least one Southern California school district has requested dozens of copies of our novel. Jessica and I are thrilled! Budgets are often tight in schools, so we’re offering a discount on bulk orders.

Way back when, I asked my publisher to lower the price of the book at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. While I realize this means less profit, I’m more interested in getting the book into readers’ hands affordably. The price at those venues has since been lowered to $11.24/copy. However, I’m more than happy to offer bulk rates of $10/book for orders of five or more, and $9/book for orders of fifty or more. I may even be able to throw in free shipping if you’re within a one-hour drive of Santa Ana. Please contact me at btiritilli@yahoo.com for details.

Now for the legalese: This offer is available for a limited time only, while supplies last at my current wholesale rate.

Meet The Author Sat., May 21 (update)


Welcome back! We have revised the flyer for this Saturday’s event at Centro Comunitario (Next to Subway at 216 N. Broadway, Santa Ana, 92701). Looking forward to seeing everyone there! Admission to the event is free.

Meanwhile, we’re planning invitation-only book signings later this spring in San Bernardino County. Contact the author for details.

If you’d like to download a copy of the event flyer, click the link below this note. Media outlets desiring a copy of the novel for review can attend the event or contact the author at btiritilli@yahoo.com.


PS: The closest parking structures are at Third and Broadway and Third and Birch. There is also limited street parking along Fourth and other nearby side streets. If you’re unfamiliar with downtown Santa Ana, I-5 has exits about a mile north of the map you see below. (On 17th, Main, and Broadway.)

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 1.36.46 PM

Hot Off the Press!

We are incredibly excited to announce that Spy in the Teachers’ Lounge is now available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble!  Here are the links:



Barnes & Noble:


You can also order autographed paperbacks. For details, send a private message to btiritilli@yahoo.com.

If you haven’t yet had a chance to preview the novel, you can download the first three chapters here: SpyInTeachersLounge-Chs1-3V71315

Thanks in advance to everyone for your support!

Illustrations are Finished—We’re Going to Press Soon!

Chapter thirteen

The illustrations are finished and we’re almost ready to go to press! Many thanks to artist Jessica O’Handley and all the Kickstarter donors who helped pay her salary. You can check out more sample O’Handley illustrations on this page. Meanwhile, Spy in the Teachers’ Lounge will be hitting Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other retailers soon. Visit this website in the coming weeks for updates about specifics. Our thanks to all who have embraced this project with your enthusiastic support!